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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Things that Make me Happy =)

Assalammualaikum (",)

Do u Eppy? me??... urmm. eppy la kot.. eppy ke??. (pic ni cm sdey je kan kan..hikhik)

There are several things that make me happy, the basic things that i do....

1. ReadinG ( buku sndiri beli or pinjam,,hehe)
2. Sing out loud in the bathroom (release my stress ;)
3. Watch funny clips on Youtube (haha.maharajalawak!)
4. Treat myself a delicious dinner (harder tryin to be more chubby actly. =P )
5. Hearing call from my Hndfon ( sms pun xpelaa...)
6. Send cik Puteh to Carwash (baru sdap sket mata memandang..)
7. Take a walk outside (shoPping2!)
8.Take own picture (oke,, berangan tyme!)
9. Eat Chocolate & Ais krim (oOohh i Love it....nk choc!)
10. Gossiping (kadang2 je..kat chat box..hee)

paling,,,paling,,paling appy....is,,,,,, when see you appy,, im appy.. =)

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